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While our core business is online marketing, deals, coupons and price comparisons, we at are aware of the impact of global warming and carbon emissions on the environment.

That is why, we pledge our relentless efforts to fight the impact and save earth. We humbly urge you to read further and help us in our cause - Go Green! You can make a big difference and together, we can put sincere efforts towards saving our environment, saving our earth and preserving our natural resources. Read on so know how you could help, without any extra cost nor any extra efforts.
Have you realized that you can decrease your impact on the environment by shopping online through us?

A recent study by Carnegie Mellon University's Green Design Institute (GDI) found that online-shopping consumes less energy and reduces carbon emissions by a whopping 35%-40% as compared to traditional shopping at local retail stores (near or far).
(More reading: GDI has released study on energy use and relative carbon emissions of retailing and e-tailing with

Here's why..

While shopping at the traditional local Retail Stores, consumers drive by car from their homes to the nearest retail stores and pick up the product and then return home.

The study by Carnegie Mellon University has documented the energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in the two scenarios.

First - emmissions generated during a typical traditional shopping cycle

Second - emissions generated during an online shopping and systematic shipping/routing delivery of products.

The study showed that 65 percent of total carbon dioxide emissions generated in the first scenario resulted from consumers driving to and from the stores. Results showed that, online shopping model fared much better in reducing carbon dioxide emissions and energy consumption. Many merchants have taken proactive measures to deliver products in fewer steps from manufacturers' warehouses to the consumers' homes.

Heres how..

All the merchants/retailers we promote have a process to ship product orders. Every product along with many other products is taken in a systematic and highly efficient route to individual homes via a light-duty delivery truck. By shopping online, not only do you help yourself, but you commit to saving and protecting the environment.

By shopping online

- you get to choose from a wide range of millions of products, which is practically impossible in a local retail store.

- you save, since many merchants promote free shipping offers on millions of products

- you save more by comparing prices, products and purchasing at the lowest available price and most importantly..

- you will feel good knowing that you've chosen a greener way to shop!

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Here are some tips: If you're buying electronics, check if the product is EPEAT-certified. The Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) rates computer products to assess eco-friendliness. See if your purchase is Bronze, Silver or Gold rated. Many merchants can prvoide you a list of EPEAT certified products they carry.

Want to calculate the specific environmental benefits from purchasing EPEAT-registered computers and monitors? Check out the Electronics Environmental Benefits Calculator. Click here to download. Read up on green living. has a great selection of books about living a more eco-conscious lifestyle. Click here to see what's available.
Now that you are aware of the impact of global warming and carbon emissions, lets spread awareness!