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Sunforce 11230 650W Pure Sine Wave Inverter for $99.00 has this Inverter for $99.00, after $80.00 Instant Discount

Final Price: $179.00 - $80.00 = $99.00 (Free In-Store Pickup)

The Sunforce 11230 inverter converts low voltage and direct current to 12 volt alternating current that is required in household. The Sunforce 650w inverter provides clean, fast and quiet power with less harmonic distortion and less static or distortion. This household power inverter is portable and lets you get power easily even while you travel. This pure sine wave inverter can be used for the power sensitive electronic equipment like computes or HDTV as it is not affected by low voltage problem. The Sunforce inverter features overload protection, high and low voltage protection, and overload temperature protection.
Mfr#: 11230

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(Showing 1 to 1 of 1 Deals)